RomanticVowsLogoSteven and Shelley decided on a romantic destination ceremony and selected Valentine’s Day for their wedding. The weather was absolutely perfect and the beach goers were excited for the Bride’s arrival. We added a special touch by carving out a heart on the beach and filling it with “Conversation Hearts”. The couple loved it and as the sun began to set slowly along the Gulf of Mexico, the ceremony which was created especially for Steven and Shelley floated across the sand and the two of them became husband and wife. They celebrated with a lovely and romantic dinner at Marina Jack’s in Sarasota and the love they share glistened all around them.

Dreaming of your Special Day on the lovely white sands of Siesta Key, or any Florida beach, is your best choice for professional officiating services. 941-773-6336 has had a fabulous November with Brides and Grooms coming from Canada, Kentucky, Ohio and more. Each couple had their own flavor of love and creating their romantic ceremonies was truly an honor.

When selecting a Wedding Officiant, its all about the feel. Do you feel a connection? Do you feel that your wishes are first and foremost? Well here is what my recent bride wrote about her wedding:

5.0 Quality of Service: 5.0 Responsiveness: 5.0 Professionalism: 5.0 Value: 5.0 Flexibility: 5.0
Joyce from Ontario said…
“Elizabeth Turk was a perfect choice for our wedding. Although we had not met in person before our marriage, Elizabeth made our ceremony special. With only the information we had given her, she found the perfect words to describe the feelings that my husband and I had for each other. Our guests also found that she had done a wonderful job with the ceremony. We wish to thank you once again Elizabeth for making our day very special and unique for us”. is a proud “Preferred Vendor” at the historic and beautiful Tuckahoe Mansion located in Stuart Florida.  If you are a romantic couple seeking just the right flavor I highly recommend you check out this location.  I have officiated numerous romantic ceremonies here and each couple has loved this location!

If you are seeking a professional Officiant to marry you to the one you love, contact us today at 561-308-7298 or on the West Coast of Florida at 941-773-6336.

After all the time spent planning your wedding, the ceremony was all you dreamed it would be and actually, you were amazed how everyone reacted to it as it was so perfect and now… time for the HONEYMOON! A reminder so you don’t go from this

Image result for GOOGLE IMAGES FRUSTRATED BRIDE  to this .

A recent stay at the Hilton St. Petersburg Florida as a Gold Member and frequent traveler to this hotel I was the victim of a theft. When your traveling on your honeymoon, think about whether bringing your good jewelry is a good idea.  I, wanted to wear a beautiful 14k gold omega that was gifted to me when I turned 21 by my now 88 year old Mom.  Unfortunately, being distracted by a family member cancer battle we didn’t check the closet or safe prior to leaving.  And yes, you guessed it.  Someone in that hotel stole my necklace.  (true heartbreak).

The hotel’s response:

Check out day Sunday- “We can’t do anything until Housekeeping returns on Monday”. Note:  they rented the room again but would not check the safe!

Monday – Housekeeping Mgr. does not call me I call her.  She refuses to check the room prior to Noon, won’t go knock on the door to inquire about my necklace in the safe.  But… she does ask for my pin to the safe saying “Will you trust me with the PIN for your safe”?  I unfortunately said ok.

Housekeeping Mgr promises to call me once my items are located.  No call.

I call at 3:30 p.m. and a man in “Housekeeping” says well let me see if your stuff is here”  “Oh yeah its here in a bag”  Send hubby to pick up after work.

So excited to get my items returned (clothing left in closet too).  Hubby returns home I empty large plastic bag onto my bed and open my jewelry cases to find them empty.

The Hotel has been condescending, rude and cares not for what happened at their hotel.  They actually sent me a letter stating they had “returned’ my items to me!

Nonsense!  And the HR Director who was told to call me when advised I’d be filing a Police report said “Great, we here at the hotel have lots of friends on the St. Petersburg Police Department”.  I was shocked and said, “Don’t care if you have friends, I need them to find out who stole my necklace”.  Hilton has done nothing, no insurance claim  no kind apology, just crude, rude and insensitive dismissal of me.

So word of warning, bring that adorable costume jewelry on your Honeymoon, dress up your looks with items that if they were to disappear you would not be crushed on your most romantic time of your life.

 And remember, you might earn points with Hilton but if your a victim of a crime at their hotel, you will be treated like you don’t even matter.  Protect yourselves girls!  Leave your good stuff at home!

Jupiter Beach Beautiful Resort Wedding The weather is simply perfect, the beach is calling and just like my adorable clients, having a romantic and memorable Florida wedding is my greatest desire for all my clients, past, present or future.  Years ago, long before weddings were “cool” I began writing romantic ceremonies reflective of each of my client’s love stories.  From romantic engagement moments (having “Marry Me” on the screen in Times Square) to meaningful remembrances of a groom’s parents, creating just what you’ve dreamed about and more is my greatest joy to provide.  From funny moments (including writing my client’s adorable dog into the ceremony) to that ever so romantic first kiss, is here to make every couple’s “Moment in Time” all you ever dreamed of.  Call and book your romantic ceremony today as I provide ceremony officiating throughout Florida.  941-773-6336 or 561-308-7298.

Slide1Slide2 officiates throughout Florida.  Here is an adorable venue in Englewood, Florida where couples seeking a historical quaint little church would be perfect for your “Love Story” wedding with  This was the first church in Englewood, Florida and they would love to have you bring your love and marry encircled with lovely Southern Charm.  Call me and let’s put your dream day together!  941-773-6336 or on my cell at 561-308-7298.

Its the most marvelous time of year in Florida!  Spring is the perfect season for a local or destination wedding along the Gulf Coast of Florida!  With the balmy breezes blowing kisses across your cheeks, and the sunsets so glorious, its the perfect romantic location for you to share your love!

I recently had the priviledge of marrying an adorable couple on the white sandy shores of Siesta Key which has been voted “The best beach in the US”.  Romantic was the night and as the sun began its lofty decent people were gathered all along the beach.  Some on blankets, some on chairs, some with cameras and some just holding hands.  Children were scattered along the shore chasing waves.

My clients were so excited and as we wondered down the beach finding just the perfect spot, many lovely and romantic couples approached and offered their best wishes for a lifetime of love to the couple.  So adorable, many couples on the beach proudly told of their many years of marriage (some even more than 50 years married) and everyone was wishing them well and shaking the Groom to Be’s hand.

After waiting on a few family members who were running a bit late, I began their “Love Story” ceremony and their two little boys were just loving the moment too.  And as the sun set on the beautiful Gulf of Mexico and they kissed their first kiss as husband and wife, everyone on the beach cheered and some even blew conch shells to celebrate the moment!

Dreaming of a romantic ceremony, it is my honor and pleasure to write custom ceremonies and I would be honored to do this for you and officiate as well.  I work across the State of Florida and can be reached at 941-773-6336 or on my cell at 561-308-7298.


Florida is a perfect for a Surprise Vow Renewal!

Florida is a perfect for a Surprise Vow Renewal! Romantic Beach Vow Renewal

Jana and Kai, what an absolutely beautiful and romantic couple.  The love they obviously share for one another is a lifelong time of love.  Jana, being the romantic at heart contacted me from Germany to arrange a Surprise Vow Renewal for her handsome husband.  We put our heads together over the internet never even speaking more than once prior to the event and… it came off without a hitch!

Kai, a physician who grew up in the Black Forest was truly a gentleman and deeply in love with not only his wife but also their little girls.  The wind blew close to 20 knots on the beach but it didn’t stop the beautiful music that we played as they walked to the shore line of the Atlantic.  Although Kai had no idea and had actually put up a bit of an argument in having to “dress up” in his causal best that day, once he understood what was happening, he was all in!

It was adorable to see this couple and this patchwork family share and show their love for one another.  I don’t think I’ve ever seen little children beaming more as their parents showered their love for one another through words.

Creating ceremonies that truly reflect my clients love stories is my passion.  Kai and Jana met and fell in love due to her little girl inadvertently spilling water on Kai’s trousers in a Bistro and now the rest is history.  As they fill the chapters of their love for one another… it was an honor to be part of this romantic and special day in the life of two adorable people who traveled all the way from Germany to experience a vow renewal!

Dreaming you too could have such romance?  Contact today and let me create a wedding or vow renewal you both will remember for a lifetime!  Book yours today!


Romantic Vow Renewal had them leaping for joy!

Romantic Vow Renewal had them leaping for joy!


From Germany to Florida Love Shines Through! creates the mood, the moments and you bring your love! creates the mood, the moments and you bring your love!


Traveling from Germany to Florida for their Surprise Vow Renewal

Traveling from Germany to Florida for their Surprise Vow Renewal

Love Story Vow Renewals!

Jana and Kai have selected to create their “Love Story” Vow Renewal ceremony to take place on the beautiful beach of Singer Island, Florida!  They have traveled all the way from Germany and Jana has arranged this surprise Vow Renewal to include she, her husband (unbeknownst to him) and two of their daughters.

Today, prior to their arrival on Singer Island they are enjoying some of the beauty that Florida has to offer and at the recommendation of’s owner, Elizabeth Turk, they are enjoying a day at Sea World and tomorrow…

The romance begins at Noon.  Learning about this couple’s amazing international love story was delightful.  Even travelers from far and wide find love in romantic ways and this couple… well thanks to Jana’s daughter inadvertently spilling water on Kai’s trousers in a Bistro, they ended up married 6 months later and several years later renewing their vows on the shores of the Atlantic!

Imagine, surprising the love of your life with a Surprise Vow Renewal here in warm and sunny Florida.  For more than 20 years I’ve worked to bring the romance and love you feel for your spouse into the  “Love Story” ceremonies I create and officiate.   Each is created from “Your Very Own Love Story”.

Want to see this amazing couple, photos will be up before you know it!

Traveling across the globe for a Vow Renewal.

Traveling across the globe for a Vow Renewal.

If you want to renew your vows and marry your spouse all over again, if they are still the one of your dreams, contact today!  I would be honored to bring our “Love Story” to life and fill the air with all the romance you envision for your Special Day!.

Remember, creates “Love Story” ceremonies for couples from across the Globe here in Florida and writes ceremonies for couples worldwide!  Call and Book Yours Today!  

Surprise Vow Renewal Was Really A Surprise!

When creating “Love Story” Vow Renewal ceremonies I never know what might happen to make it an over the top romantic moment!  Well my darling client Judy hired me to surprise her Husband on their 10th Anniversary with a surprise Vow Renewal on the Atlantic Ocean in Florida.  I wrote an amazing ceremony and she rented a ’57 Chevy to bring him up the Coast to the location I recommended to her in Stuart, Florida.

All the plans were in place and when they arrived my photographer caught a shot of him in this Chevy and when he came to the beach with is Bride he floored even me!  Yes the Officiant with over 20 years working with clients from all over the globe and yep, the Groom got me straight in the heart!  How you ask????  Well, once he figured out what was happening (as their favorite song played on the shore) he dropped to one knee and pulled out a ring box as he had actually purchased her a new diamond band for their Anniversary!

Well if that isn’t the way to start out a Surprise Vow Renewal I don’t know what is!  He was thrilled with the entire set up and they both loved their ceremony.  In fact, here is a copy of their review:

5.0 out of 5.0
  • Quality of Service:  5.0 
  • Responsiveness:  5.0 
  • Professionalism:  5.0 
  • Flexibility:  5.0
Wow! Elizabeth and George Turk are phenomenal. I planned a ten-year wedding vow renewal as a surprise to my husband with less than one week’s notice. I wish I could take even a LITTLE credit for such a beautiful ceremony… 
Elizabeth made our day totally stress free. She recommended the House of Refuge Beach in Stuart, Florida, which is an absolutely stunning setting. Elizabeth was available to answer my many questions and concerns promptly. She is extremely articulate, personal, and fun! 

I feel like my husband and I have been blessed with two new friends. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts as we will forever remember how special you both made our day.

If you are thinking of planning a romantic wedding or vow renewal in Florida and want something more than just a “do you take this man…” sort of ceremony, let me create a “Love Story” ceremony and officiate it for you at the location of your choice!  CALL TO BOOK TODAY!!!!!
Vow Renewal Surprise for their 10th Anniversary.

Vow Renewal Surprise for their 10th Anniversary.

What a great Husband to surprise  his Wife with a Diamond Band on their 10th!

What a great Husband to surprise his Wife with a Diamond Band on their 10th!

Created from your "Very Own Love Story".

Created from your “Very Own Love Story”. brings your love story to life!  Renew your Vows Today! brings your love story to life! Renew your Vows Today!

Wedding Officiant Professionals!

Dreaming of a ceremony that you can hardly have to think about and let a professional handle it?  Well is proud to announce that it is Rated!  Call & Book your Romantic “Love Story” Wedding or Vow Renewal Today! is proudly a WeddingWire Rated Officiating Company! is proudly a WeddingWire Rated Officiating Company!

Historic Location along the Atlantic and the only beach set atop a cliff in the area!

Historic Location along the Atlantic and the only beach set atop a cliff in the area!

Vow Renewal 10th Anniversary Surprise

He is going to be so surprised and fall in love with her all over again!  Tomorrow strikes the 10 year wedding anniversary of my latest Vow Renewal ceremony clients.  The stage is set, she rented a 57 Chevy to drive up the SE Coast of Florida to a beautiful historic location on the Atlantic and the only beach set atop a coral reef cliff!

When they arrive, unbeknownst to the Groom, my photographer will be waiting and appear to only be shooting casual area photos but… arriving in that 57 Chevy is gonna make for some great shots!

As soon as they come over the dune he may be surprised as the song from their first wedding will be playing softly with the ocean breeze blowing across the sand.  And then…. “their song” will begin and he will see me standing on the beach with just the perfect type of decor and he and his bride will come down to the cliff’s edge to share their life and love for one another all over again.

Little does our Bride know we have a few delightful surprises for her that will make this day even more special. my dream and my passion, making moments like these last in your heart and memory for a lifetime!

Stay tuned for more exciting real life, as they happen love story weddings and vow renewals here in the beautiful State of Florida!

Vow Renewal on Wednesday!

He’s sure to be surprised!

After 10 years of wedded bliss, Wednesday will be an exciting day for my latest clients here in Florida!  She searched the internet and decided that “Tin” the recommended gift for 10 years of marriage, was just not quite what she was dreaming of but…. After finding she decided a romantic beach vow renewal in Stuart Florida was just what she was envisioning.

He will not know what is happening until they walk hand and hand over the sand berm to where we, will be waiting to perform their “Love Story” Vow Renewal right on the shores of the mighty Atlantic Ocean at sunset!

From the music choices we came to decide on together to the amazing love story their have shared, will  be officiating this couple from New York’s “Love Story Vow Renewal” overlooking the beautiful ocean.  Stay tuned for photos! officiating ceremonies across Florida for romantic couples from across the globe!  

Call and book your’s today! – “Love Story” Weddings

Dreaming of your special day… Let create a ceremony from your “very own love story”!  Check us out on!

Marrying clients from all professions!

So excited, our next ceremony will be a Sheriff and a Jail Nurse!  What a love story they have! creating “Love Story” ceremonies and officiating ceremonies throughout Florida!

Call to book your “Love Story” ceremony today and keep up with the great love stories that are real, true and everlasting right here at

Beach Ceremonies are so ultra romantic!What a happy day for my latest clients here on Anna Maria Island in FL!

When I met her the first thing I thought was, “Oh my she has the most beautiful eyes”!  You see, many of my “destination” brides don’t meet me until its their wedding day or wedding rehearsal.  Well, she was my first bride of Egyptian decent and she was absolutely delicious!  They both smiled and were graceful and he… a school teacher… had the best fashion sense… he was GQ all over.  And they both had the best sense of humor,   We all laughed from their story and when I pronounced them Husband and Wife well… see for yourself…. they were leaping with joy! creates “Love Story” weddings and vow renewals all over Florida and if your dreaming of a ceremony that will leave you inches off the ground with joy, call to book yours today!

561-308-7298 or 941-773-6336

“Love Story Wedding Ceremonies”

Well all, its been quite the summer.  After completing some amazing weddings in Northern California, Florida and Georgia I am happily back living in the Sunshine State!

I’ve been so blessed to marry some of the world’s most romantic couples and just this past weekend I married a beautiful couple (My bride was of Egyptian decent – Beautiful) on Anna Maria Island on the beautiful Gulf of Mexico.  Her family and her groom (an English Teacher) were just delightful and the ceremony concluded with a beautiful Gulf Sunset!

The week prior I married my first “Base Jumper”!  How exciting to meet and marry a couple that do things that… well I’d never have the nerve to try and on top of that… he was as delightful.  Shooting photography that day was Frank from  Truly one of Florida’s premier photographers.  And together we captured the essence of this wedding at the base of the historic Jupiter Lighthouse in Jupiter, Florida. is here to make your day, your way but also something more than you’ve ever dreamed possible. Check us out on is award winning and here to make your wedding all you ever dreamed it would be and more!

“Love Story” Weddings Our Specialty!

Creating and officiating “Love Story” weddings is my passion.  “Ever After” published in Eureka, California afforded me the opportunity to share my client’s magnificent cliff side wedding and love story with the world.  Creating ceremonies that reflect your “Very Own Love Story” are how your love story comes to life at your wedding with  Call to book yours today!  Officiating ceremonies from the beautiful Gulf to the Atlantic in Florida, to the romantic Southern Charm of Georgia to the Redwood Forests in Northern California and writing “Love Story Ceremonies” for couples across the Globe!  Call to book yours today!  561-308-7298.

Ever After Link

Fall Wedding Season is Quickly Approaching…

I find so couples works so hard to have a perfect wedding. Spending time selecting your gown, tux, flowers, food and so much more.  But what I find interesting is many couples decide to select their “Officiant” last.  In fact, I was honored to have recently written and Officiated a wedding for a lovely couple from France on the beaches of South Florida and they waited to hire their Officiant.  It was a stressful experience as many were already booked. Fortunately, on their Special Day we just happened to be available.  Imagine, having everything in place and NO OFFICIANT.  Yes it can happen!  And when waiting you could end up with someone who will stumble, be embarrassing or even not show up!

I started years ago as I realized that its very common for friends, family and guest to not even have memories of the ceremony.  After all your work and planning and not to mention (cash), can you imagine… no one remembering your ceremony????? creates ceremonies that are a “true reflection” of your “Very Own Love Story” and include your preferences for faith as well.  We not only will write your vows but the entire ceremony!

Don’t let the most important moment of your life be forgotten even before the cake is cut!  Contact and let me create a ceremony that you, your family & guests will leave saying, “That’s the most beautiful ceremony I’ve ever experienced”.

Call and book yours today!  We officiate in FL & Georgia and write ceremonies for couples worldwide!

(561) 308-7298 or (912) 677-9342.

Weddings & Weather

This past Saturday I wrote a beautiful ceremony for Meg & Gabe who had their beachfront wedding at the Marriott Hotel & Marina in Stuart, Florida. We officiated the ceremony which I created from their “Very Own Love Story”.

A day before the wedding Meg and I chatted to go over final ceremony details and she exclaimed “the weather is really rainy”.

As South Florida and really just about anywhere can be the recipient of an unwelcome guest “Rain” on your wedding day try to remember this…

If you had 4 pieces of rope and you had to tie them together forming only 2 knots and if you had to soak one of the newly tied knots in water… which rope would be stronger?  Yes… you are right…. the wet one so gals and guys, no worries, if there is rain on your wedding day… just look at it like a little gift from above to give your “happily ever after” a little extra boost and remember… the end result is what really matters and no matter rain or shine, you are really marrying the love of your life!

Creating romantic ceremonies for couples from across the globe and officiating in Florida, Georgia, California & Oregon!  Call to book your “Love Story Ceremony” today!